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News: Princess Debut trailer

by on August 20, 2008

princessdebut.jpgYou should actually care about Princess Debut. It’s developed by Cave, for one thing. For another, it is the first time that I know of that Natsume U.S. commissioned a project directly. But more than that, this is an actual good game for young girls – or seems to be. It’s not insulting, it’s cute, it has a proven game mechanic (it plays like Ouendan), and is basically just really pleasant to look at. Check out the video right here. Special thanks to the Natsume PR team for putting it on Vimeo when I asked!

You play as a princess, dancing with various partners, finding 20 costumes, and playing through an adventure mode (visual novel style) as well. The 3D is solid, the illustrations are competent and shoujo-y and nice, and if the story is well written, it might even be enjoyable as a light game for adults. I’m gonna play it, anyway! You dance with a bunny! The official U.S. site is here.

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