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News: Old videogame patents

by on August 19, 2008

Frank was browsing around the google patent archives, and happened upon a few game patents. Then I started poking around, and found a few more. It’s really worth browsing through in full…poking at ‘related patents’ is particularly rewarding. You can find tons of stuff that didn’t come out, or didn’t come out as initially devised. They’ve all got illustrations, which helps flesh things out. I’ll highlight a few of the interesting things I found for you here.

early NES cartridge
unreleased official Nintendo adaptor for Famicom games(!!)
another NES cart revision
ROB patent with early robot designs. Submitted by Gunpey Yokoi himself.
unreleased keyboard housing patent from Nintendo of America!
early Powerglove patent, with rudimentary Powerglove design…quite different! You have to view the whole document to see the glove or anything interesting.
This isn’t Nintendo officially, but is related to the NES. It’s a button presser that you roll on the ground, and then it presses A and B for you, alternately. Extremely lame.

crazy toy in which you drive a real toy car, mounted on the front of television, on a video track.
Sega VR Helmet from 1992
VMU. Hooray!

Channel F cart

portable arcade looking thing
handheld console – both of the above seem to be LCD systems though, sadly. patent from Tiger. There are a few more, if you’re interested.

Tomy handheld console – seems to be LCD again. 1991.

If you don’t know what Supervision is, it’s a Chinese GB clone…very odd one at that. See here.
Supervision patent one
Supervision patent two
That Supervision ultimately looked like this.

The Pocketstation changed a lot from its initial design:
Pocketstation rev 1
rev 2
rev 3
rev 4
rev 5

As you can see, I was mostly looking at older handhelds and related stuff. There’s plenty more to see if you look at the console side, peripherals…there’s tons of wacky game lore for you to find.

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