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Youtube: Megaman 3 with lyrics

megaman3.jpgPersona pointed me to this video, which adds lyrics to the Megaman III title theme. It’s silly, and either horrible or amazing, depending on your point of view, and how ironic you’re feeling today. Might as well give it a try though. The best part is clearly when he says megamegaman over and over.


News: Nostalgeo no Kaze update

Wind of Nostalgeo is indeed a joint venture of RED and Tecmo, with Tecmo handling the publishing – but it turns out RED is simply planning the scenario and characters, which they often do. The development is being handled by Matrix, the guys behind the Final Fantasy III and IV DS ports, which explains why the 3D is so competent. The character design is done by Torajiro Tsujino, the original character designer for the Tengai Maky

Update: Yu Suzuki still with Sega

Simon Jeffery mailed me to say that Yu Suzuki is indeed still at Sega, as a “creative officer.” We ran a corrective story on Gamasutra. It’s curious – he said he wasn’t at the company rather definitively at first. It could simply be that they want to keep the association, and so are calling him a creative officer, when he’s actually a contractor? It’s all very vague and mysterious, but I’d very much like to interview Suzuki some day…

News: Fighting styles in Melty Blood Actress Again

Spencer pointed out a new video on youtube of Melty Blood Actress Again, which showcases the game’s different fighting styles. The video isn’t self-explanatory, and it’s tough to see what the difference between the styles is, through presentation. So, I asked the erstwhile Spatula to figure it out for me, since that game and its relatives are kind of his realm. He got his info from Linalys. Here’s the deal:

Full Moon – can’t reverse beat, charges meter, different move
properties, can only activate at full meter.

Half Moon – gets auto shield counter, auto activate, auto spark,
different move properties, max is 200% meter

Crescent Moon – aerial spark, closest to current Melty Blood AC

So there you go!

News: Will Wright Minute

Hey, I’m linking to something on G4. Don’t worry, it makes me uncomfortable too! Regardless, this is a great idea. It’s called the Will Wright Minute, and it’s basically Will Wright talking about a thing he knows, for a minute. Will Wright knows loads of neat things, with a level of detail that many of us do not, and since he’s a game designer, he’s good at condensing these into bite-sized knowledge pieces. So if you want to learn about Russia’s space-station battleship thing, watch that video. I hope they do more!

News: Sega of America interview

I finally got to talk to the newest head of SoA, and the discussion was very interesting. I’ve long been of the mind that Sega is transforming into a company not at all like the old Sega, but a company for good games, at the least. There’s a much higher focus on quality coming out of the third party titles Sega publishes (Condemned, Universe at War, Total War). The idea to partner with BioWar was certainly interesting, and Sonic Unleashed actually looks pretty enjoyable. Then there’s the Platinum Games deal, with MadWorld, Infinite Line, Bayonetta (well, I don’t actually care about that one), and the unannounced Mikami game.

Sega president Simon Jeffery is very honest about pretty much everything in this interview – saying he’d prefer for Sega not to be known as the Sonic company, and stating, definitively, that the company will not be making another console. There’s also the fact that Yu Suziki is no longer a direct Sega employee, which I was not aware of. Sega is much more American-led now, which is not surprising when you look at these figures – specifically this sentence: “Overall the company reported 6,890,000 unit sales of software during the quarter, of which 3,160,000 units were in U.S., 2,890,000 in Europe and 830,000 units in Japan.” Japan consumers have basically all but given up on Sega! All the company’s success comes from the West. So if you want to see what the next era of Sega will be about, this interview might be good to read!

News: Nostalgeo no Kaze

nostalgeo.jpgI’m not sure if this has made the rounds yet, but I recently discovered Tecmo/Red’s upcoming DS title Nosgalgeo no Kaze – Wind of Nosgalgeo. It’s quite a whimsical looking title, with airships, adventuring, and RPG battles (both on land and in ships). It takes place in our world, in London and Cairo (at least that’s what’s announced so far), and is in full 3D, which is very well rendered. Ships are fully customizable, and there’s a skill tree for advancement of individual characters. There’s a nice wallpaper as well, in the download section. The site was just re-launched today, but you can still see the old site as well, which has a nice charming look to it, with a little Indiana Jones influence to it…the game in general calls to mind a simpler time, when games took themselves a bit less seriously, and were a bit more entertaining. The game has a planned Fall 2008 release date, with no price yet set.