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News: Sega of America interview

by on August 11, 2008

I finally got to talk to the newest head of SoA, and the discussion was very interesting. I’ve long been of the mind that Sega is transforming into a company not at all like the old Sega, but a company for good games, at the least. There’s a much higher focus on quality coming out of the third party titles Sega publishes (Condemned, Universe at War, Total War). The idea to partner with BioWar was certainly interesting, and Sonic Unleashed actually looks pretty enjoyable. Then there’s the Platinum Games deal, with MadWorld, Infinite Line, Bayonetta (well, I don’t actually care about that one), and the unannounced Mikami game.

Sega president Simon Jeffery is very honest about pretty much everything in this interview – saying he’d prefer for Sega not to be known as the Sonic company, and stating, definitively, that the company will not be making another console. There’s also the fact that Yu Suziki is no longer a direct Sega employee, which I was not aware of. Sega is much more American-led now, which is not surprising when you look at these figures – specifically this sentence: “Overall the company reported 6,890,000 unit sales of software during the quarter, of which 3,160,000 units were in U.S., 2,890,000 in Europe and 830,000 units in Japan.” Japan consumers have basically all but given up on Sega! All the company’s success comes from the West. So if you want to see what the next era of Sega will be about, this interview might be good to read!


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