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News: Ikatan correction, clean images

by on August 9, 2008

ikatan2.jpgI felt it was warranted to make an entire new post about Ikatan, because I really messed up the translation. The full title is Ikamono Tantei, not Ikamono Jiken – I confused the kanji. Tantei meaning detective, and Ikamono meaning fake thing – so the English title would be closer to “disguise detective,” though the translation is not literal. There are also new screens at Game Watch which don’t have company branding on them…much better. It also appears as though the scenario is being done by EdgeWORKS, which has worked on a number of games, though few have been very influential. There’s Nippon Ichi’s Jigsaw World, and a bunch of b-tier visual novels, but nothing astounding. They’ve worked on a couple high profile ports though, like the Higurashi games, and Final Fantasy III DS.


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