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News: Idol Janshi Suchie Pai museum

by on August 9, 2008

Recently I was looking for some Suchie Pai (the famed strip mahjong series) information, specifically the number of Saturn releases. In my search, I came across this site, which is very nice, not only for game information, but also for package info, limited versions, and occasional screens. The site was dormant for some time, with the confusing times Jaleco went through, and the company’s subsequent resurrection, but the site owner came back once the DS releases started coming forth. There’s info about the Chu~kana Janshi Tenho pai-nyan games in here, and even the arcade versions, complete with pics of the boards. If you scroll down on the main page, you’ll also find info about all the OVA releases, CDs with track lists, keychains (rotating!!), cards, any kind of goods associated with the series. This is the kind of dedication I like to see!

If you want to go deeper, there’s also Colette’s site, which has characters paired with their voice actresses, but otherwise, much of the content is similar to the first site linked. Also, as an aside, the total number of Saturn Suchie Pai releases is 6, while I had presumed 5. I’m losing my edge!

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