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News: Hikkikomori Quest v

by on August 7, 2008

Speaking of Persona – most ic readers probably know about this already, since it was first announced in the ic forums, but Persona has finished a short RPG in RPG Maker XP along with geniusfaces supple Paul and austere Mariel – it’s called Hikkikomori Quest. Here’s the description:

Welcome to your miserable life. You are a hikkikomori,
a shut-in with no desire to contact the outside world,
and your life is in a rut. However, something has
moved you to stop living like this. Yes, something of
great importance, so important that it is a matter of

You should play it! Also remember to check out the excellent visublog anyway. Radrappy’s very very awesome image of Temjin from Virtual On playing tennis should be enough reason for you to do so.


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