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News: Gunstar Heroes: best game ever

by on August 7, 2008

Yesterday I watched a youtube video for Gunstar Heroes Game Gear, just for fun. If you’ve never seen or played the port, you should take a look – it’s nothing short of a technical marvel. They squeezed almost everything that’s important about the game into a tiny cartridge. Anyway, one thing that caught my eye was a comment from Youtube member SeekingRapture. Here it is, formatting intact:

I beat Gunstar Heroes when I was 10 years old.
It was the best game I ever played.
It was my most favorite game for Sega Genesis.
I miss playing it.

Poetic, right? Even in its grammar flubs. So I asked Persona to draw it – and he did. And what you see to the left is the result. It is great.


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