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News: The art of Braid

by on August 5, 2008

We published an article on Gamasutra about the art of Braid for XBLA, and it’s penned by insert credit-friend David Hellman, who did all the art of course. It’s a pretty neat article, mostly covering iterative art and design. Regarding the picture left he says: ““Hang on, Hellman,” you are probably thinking. “You said you were going to eliminate stuff that was purely aesthetic, and I can see you got paid to draw a million little fronds and algae. Isn’t that intellectually dishonest?” Not at all!

The trick is to make all that foliage cohere so the player sees it in a generalized way as “a load of foliage,” and doesn’t waste mental energy combing it for functional, puzzle-solving items. I think the game introduces its important concepts pretty gracefully, so you learn what to look for. But I would be interested in others’ perspectives on this.


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