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News: Ikatan – I take it all back

by on August 5, 2008

In my annoyance at seeing that Ikatan (the full title is Ikamono no Jiken – the Squid Events, I guess) was a visual novel, I didn’t actually read what it was about, and I have since learned that it is completely amazing (I was somewhat concerned that this would happen). Iggy points out to me: “those are not girls cosplaying, that’s the male main character cosplaying as girls to gain new evidence (and new personalities).” Gooood stuff. Is this the first game with a transvestite as the true protagonist? Apparently he becomes a member of a scenario group called “Prawn Productions,” and a number of mysterious events come to pass, and he has to dress as different women or cosplay fetishes in order to unravel the story. You have to manage your time when dressed as a woman, because his costume can’t last forever, so the investigations are somewhat timed, it seems, which would be the main point of gameplay tension. Check out screens at Famitsu. All is forgiven, Ikatan!


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