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Rumor: Landstalker remake canceled?

by on August 1, 2008

Landstalker was planned for PSP as of TGS three years back. I spoke with Kan Naito and Climax’s vice president, who both stated that they’d gotten back all the key staff for the game, and were making good progress remaking the whole game in 3D. Tim and I spoke with them at length about changing the 2D world into a rotate-able 3D one, and I have the scratchy audio file somewhere if anyone’s curious, as it never got transcribed due to its extremely unlistenable quality. Anyway, since that time there’s been a placeholder Landstalker splash image and page up on the Climax site – and some time within the last two months or so, it became a 404. There hadn’t been any new news about it for ages, so it stands to reason that it might be gone, but still a shame. Steal Princess seems to be a worthy successor, but I’d like to have seen how the original was turning out as well.

Update: I can’t get this link to work at all in the wayback machine. There’s an image there which would be good to archive, as it’s probably the last official piece of Landstalker art. If anyone has a better idea of how to grab it, check here and please send to me!


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