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News: Sonic Unleashed called Sonic World Adventure in Japan

by on August 1, 2008

I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this, but Sonic Unleashed has a much less XTREME title in Japan. It’s called Sonic World Adventure, which is much friendlier – but unfortunately the videos feature obnoxious rock music throughout, as to the ones on the U.S. site. I can confirm though, that I heard some excellent sonic-like music in the game at Comic Con, especially in the ‘Sonic is a werewolf-thing’ mode. And that mode didn’t even look too bad, as Sonic wasn’t all edgy and weird, he was just a brawling guy with stretchy arms. I’m actually cautiously optimistic. I do think Sonic World Adventures might be a friendlier title than Unleashed, but maybe in the end it’s too friendly. Also interesting to note that the JP site omits the PS2 version from the logos used. I wonder if it’ll be released on PS2 there? A quick check of release-lists says no!


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