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News: Gold Lightan in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

by on July 25, 2008

gold_lightan_ftw1.jpgYeah, this is more like it. Ryu being crushed by the mighty hand of a giant transformable cigarette lighter. For those unaware, Gold Lightan is a character from a show that Tatsunoko released during the 80’s. The mecha itself is sentient and like Ultraman can change its scale accordingly (which is why it can be disguised as a handheld lighter). It has quite the following in Japan and the toy range is suitably extensive. Though the recent Soul of Chogokin edition is by far the most impressive.

What’s far more interesting is the preservation of scale in the game. As having human protagonists go up against a giant robot is a rather brave design choice. It also opens up the possibility of other mecha orientated shows from the Tatsunoko back catalogue to enter the fray. The rest of the screenshots are here.


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