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New: Armored Core For Answer US release

by on July 16, 2008

acfa_answerer_game1.jpgThere have been a bunch of rumours floating around that Ubisoft picked up the Armored Core baton after SEGA fumbled the release of Armored Core 4. Historically, Ubisoft are also a publisher that have had a decent relationship with From Software, as they published Armored Core 2 back in the day (in Europe) and more recently the Enchant Arm games.

Well, it seems that a few entrepreneurial staff at Wal-Mart have surreptitiously posted the release dates online. It seems that both the 360 and PS3 versions are scheduled for a US release on the 16th September this year. Despite the somewhat unfortunate name change; “Armored Core The Answer” will finally be gracing Western shores. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft don’t ruin the boxart like they did with Senko no Ronde and that the IGN, Gametrailers and 1up reviews evolve a clue prior to sitting down with the English version (as I’ve always thought that their previous “efforts” have been somewhat lacking, after all trying to play through the likes of Armored Core Last Raven with the starter config is forcibly facile).


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