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Rumor: More about Tec Toy's Genie console

by on June 26, 2008

I heard from someone whose friend worked in the U.S. Tec Toy office a bunch more information about the coming Genie console (not Jeanie as was previously reported). This is coming third-hand, but seems reliable, but let’s call it rumor for now. First, the console will be released in Brazil initially, as stands to reason. You should not be able to download games on a Brazilian console if you manage to take it outside of Brazil, and it will be heavily crippled by DRM. They are reportedly going to meetings in China frequently, which may be the second place the console is released. One of the partners is reportedly Gameloft. They will be targeting lower-economic countries as we know, which may be more accepting of the mobile architecture.

Reinaldo Normand is the creator of the Genie concept, and was previously at Tec Toy USA – but now he’s running something called Zeebo (beware of music), about which nothing is solidly known, but which does have Mike Yuen of Qualcomm on the board. Since the Genie is a product of Qualcomm and Tec Toy jointly, it stands to reason that Zeebo has something to do with it, especially as it’s offering SDKs. More on this thing that only I care about as it develops!


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