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News: RayForce official site

by on June 25, 2008

starbreaker.jpgIn further failed PC Engine-related company news, in playing Miraculum for PC-fx recently I discovered that the developer – RayForce – still has its official site up (beware of cute sound). RayForce is best known for its Startling Odyssey series of RPGs and Star Breaker, and this site is essentially a loving tribute to a company that didn’t really make the jump to the 32-bit era. There is actually nothing saying that the company has gone into bankruptcy or anything like that, but the site hasn’t been updated since 1999, and no games have been released since then (the last was the remake Startling Odyssey 1: Blue Evolution), with Gamefaqs listing two PlayStation sequels as canceled.

The site has links to all their games, with extensive descriptions, screenshots, art and concept images, and descriptions of the music CDs released. There’s even a retelling of the tale of Startling Odsyssey by the original writer. These companies are somehow tragic and romantic at the same time. From this site you can tell the company really cared about these games, even if they weren’t the absolute best. If you’ve never heard of the company, this is a good time to check them out, before the website goes away.


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