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News: Macross Ace Frontier (PSP)

by on June 21, 2008

macross_ace_frontier_logo.jpgWhat with the success of the latest Macross TV series, Macross Frontier, it’s hardly surprising that a game will be released to tie-in with it. That being said, Macross Ace Frontier could be something quite substantial in terms of its content.

The game is being developed by Artdink, who have recently been making a name for themselves with the Gundam Battle series (a good breakdown of these games can be found here) it’s interesting that they’ve landed a Macross game. Interesting because functionally mapping mobile suit control is a far easier task than trying to emulate Valkyrie piloting. To explain, Gundam games just feature mecha but Macross games need to offer the same fidelity of control you’d see in a flight sim, helicopter sim and a mecha game. Historically, Macross games have been subsequently a bit pants. It was only until SEGA AM2 used their Aero Dancing engine that things began to improve (though GERWALK control, the helicopter functionality effectively, was still damn fiddly).

Presently, the game is at 60% complete. Yet, it’s already boasting an impressive roster of playable units (40 Valkyries) from a slew of series and movies (namely; Macross Zero, Macross, Macross Do You Remember Love?, Macross Plus, Macross 7, and Macross Frontier). In addition, there will be 30 characters and over 80 missions. The four player multiplayer from the Gundam Battle games is also present and Macross Ace Frontier will also offer co-op play too. This amount of content pretty much dwarfs SEGA’s last effort and even From Software’s monolithic Another Century’s Episode games and it’s only on a handheld!

Macross Ace Frontier will be released later this year in Japan and there is no news of a Western release as yet.

Update: Famitsu’s website has posted a piece on the game featuring in-game screenshots.


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