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News: Hifumi Kouno (Nudemaker) interview

by on June 20, 2008

nudemaker.jpgThanks to the Platinum Games/Sega crossover announcement, I had the opportunity to speak with the head of Nudemaker (Hifumi Kouno), which I was very excited about. As a splinter company from Human (all of which are very interesting – Grasshopper, Sandlot, Spike, and others), Nudemaker has been making odd games like Tekki, Clock Tower, and some hentai games. Currently they are working on Infinite Line for DS. Since this was my first opportunity to talk to Kouno, I didn’t waste much time talking about his upcoming game (whoops), but rather about what he’s been doing since Tekki. Though the interview was unfortunately cut short, I was able to talk with someone seriously about what you can do in a hentai game from a design and emotional standpoint. Obviously I would’ve interviewed him for longer if I could, and another opportunity to do so may present itself soon. For now, please enjoy!

<Note:> Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been preparing like mad for a trip to Paris for GDC. You should hear a lot from me once I’m there.


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