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News: Richard Jacques interview

by on June 16, 2008

If you like Sega in the 90s, you must also like Richard Jacques. Well, you don’t have to, but you probably should. He did the music for Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast, and other things. Most recently he did the music for Sega Superstars Tennis. He really wants to get away from the image that’s he’s just a retro Sega guy, but naturally that’s a lot of what I wanted to talk about. More specifically, just the idea of iconic music in general. Not this backgroundy choral stuff, but music that you recognize and enjoy. We also spoke about crappy licensed music, and the inspirations for the tracks in Sonic R (they apparently came from the levels – “work it out” was created because the level was in a factory!). That’s the crux of this lengthy interview, which I recommend to fans of game music from an era when you could actually tell what game music was. I actually took a picture with him to make Gary Cutlack jealous, but that will have til later.


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