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News: Legend of Galactic Heroes PC

by on June 12, 2008

logh_pc1.jpgI meant to cover this a while ago but events transpired otherwise. In any case, the truly epic creation of Yoshiki Tanaka is finally getting a proper game treatment. Specifically, his 10 novel series Ginga Eiyū Densetsu (or Legend of the Galactic Heroes as it is more commonly known outside of Japan) is being developed into a PC RTS.

For those not familiar with the series and its multidinous progeny, including obviously the 110 episode OVA and movies (not to mention all the spin-offs), it’s based in our future where the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance are at war with one another. A war that has lasted hundreds of years and fought by epic fleets of spaceships numbering in the millions. Think Homeworld on steroids with Ravel’s Bolero playing in the background and you should get the picture.

Much like the novels, this probably won’t get a Western release but for those interested in importing it’s released in Japan on the 16th October. Game Watch also has lots of shiny pictures in case you’re curious about the game.


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