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News: New Tec Toy console – "Genie"

by on June 11, 2008

An astute SMS Power forumgoer noted a Brazilian news article linking to a patent filed with the European patent office by Brazil’s Sega licensor Tec Toy. The patent covers a “System for using electronic device and the electronic device.” This is essentially a game console. So what kind? The closest idea is the Phantom, but the Phantom, if done right, would actually have been pretty ok.

The system described here is a home console that is connected to a television or display, but uses mobile phone technology to run the games, and also to purchase and download games and content (to quote the filing: “Internet navigation, news, virtual communities, movies, music, etc”). The patent goes on to say that while it’s using the model of mobile phones, it is not necessarily using the same networks. Naturally, it will include memory for storing these downloaded games and content. There will be a Joypad (good thing), and it actually supports existing mobile development platforms so that existing mobile games can be played on it – platforms such as J2ME, DoJa, Brew, EGE, Symbian, Pocket PC, Smartphone, etc. The patent also mentions the requisite pack-in games. It says there “could be” some games packed in with the hardware, which would be free of charge. Additional games will be available by digital download only, but could also be stored on memory cards or pen drives. It also seems you would be able to download and pay via your phone, if all goes well.

The aforementioned Brazilian article, translated by niloct on the SMS Power forums, sheds more light on the subject. Apparently the system is code-named “Jeanie,” and Tec Toy marketing manager Andr


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