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News: Female pachislot character archives

by on June 10, 2008

pachislotmoe.jpgA very unique sort of person has made quite detailed listings and image documentation of every female thing ever to grace a pachislot machine in Japan since 2001 (though there’s a smattering of machines mentioned starting from 1980). I say “female thing” because while it’s dominated by human girls, you can find female pigs, bears (look for Tecmo), African masks, and coins. Truly! Some of them are even clickable for way more images than you could ever need. If you’re curious about Marilyn Monroe’s pachislot appearance, this is the site for you. Navigation is done at the top and bottom, incidentally.

And here (not safe for work!) the girls are arranged by theme – shower/bath scene, semi-nude, and showing panties. Astounding. There’s even an active BBS with people presenting new findings. One has to appreciate the dedication something like this takes. Incidentally, the site used to be independent, but recently joined with Slot History, a site which chronicles the history of pachislot in all capacities, not just moe (his word, not mine). I also refuse to make any of the obvious homonym jokes.


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