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News: Face's amusement history

by on June 9, 2008

Continuing the Face discussion, there’s still no online documentation of Face’s history, but Ray Barnholt sent me some images from a Gamecenter CX episode in which they played an older Face amusement game called Happy Pierrot. This simply confirms the fact that it would be natural for Face to run a UFO parlor of that type. Happy Pierrot also has the NMK logo on it – they stopped making games in 1996. So there you go, Gamecenter CX host Shinya Arino pointing at the Face logo to illustrate who made such a needlessly difficult game (I’m told).

I also neglected to mention the game Fushigi no Yume no Alice in the last post, a quite nice platforming game based on Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice’s attack is to scream “NO.” You can listen to the music from the game here as well.


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