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News: Chaos Wars character inconsistency, employs CEO's family

by on June 9, 2008

There’s a new video of the Chaos Wars dub, with even more horrifying English if you can believe it. Karen sounds like she just woke up (or didn’t quite) and Uru sounds…well, he’s got quite the lisp. Additionally, apparently Uru is Yuri from Shadow Hearts. He was called Uru in Japan, but Yuri in the U.S., and the naming is thus not consistent for the U.S. versions. Likewise Nicole is supposed to be Nicolai, also from Shadow Hearts. But one can’t pay attention to every product released, I suppose.

Moving on, apparently the voice actors are listed in the manual. The CEO of O3 Entertainment is Chris Jelinek. Voice actors include Quest Jelinek and Tyler Jelinek, with special thanks to Kay Jelinek and Lee Jelinek. Most curious. This reminds me of Mobile Light Force, in which characters were renamed after staff members. Thanks to GameFaqs poster RyuuHou25 for the post. I would appreciate it if someone with the game could confirm this for me.


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