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News: Face reborn as UFO parlor

by on June 8, 2008

gameinface.jpgFace is one of those many PC Engine-associated game developers that didn’t survive long in a world without NEC consoles. It’s always been a fascinating company to me, because many of their ideas were good, if not always well executed. You can see a few of the games on Gamefaqs, but the best ones were Time Cruise, Cross Wiber (AKA Cyber Combat Police – great cyberpunk environments), Hany in the Sky and its extension (from a design perspective) Metal Stoker, and of course Money Idol Exchanger.

Face has been inactive since the early 2000s, but in looking up information on the company, Chaz and I came across this video. What you’re seeing there is the front of a crappy UFO parlor in Nakano called Game in Face, and the Face logo is exactly that of the former game company. Is it a coincidence? Probably not. That dingy flickering sign probably isn’t a coincidence either.

Like many failing Japanese game companies, Face’s last two games were dating sims, School Days and Stardust Memories. Both were released in 2000. There’s a review of Stardust Memories, and you can see the cover here. It’s apparently really bad. School Days is reportedly somewhat better, but still poor. I wonder if there are original employees working in that UFO parlor? Will Face ever make a proper return? It’s tough to say, but I can tell you Nakano is a definite stop next time I’m in the Tokyo area.

Update: Ray Barnholt from Crunk Games tells me that Face was (and maybe is) always an amusement manufacturer, so this parlor fits in line with their general dealings. Looking for some other evidence to back this up (and would love to find an official site).


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