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News: Moe Moe Niji Taisen Deluxe

by on June 2, 2008

moemoes.jpgMoe Moe Niji Taisen Deluxe is a PS2 and PSP tactics RPG from System Soft Alpha (which also did the frightening Tir Na Nog). It takes their Daisenryaku series and replaces the tanks and planes with ‘moe’ anime girls. It’s pretty exploitive and amazing. That image you see to the left is really about all you need by way of explanation, really. That is a Nazi in a bikini spreading suntan lotion on a (I assume) British soldier. There are catgirls of multiple types in this game. As your characters fight they enter various stages of ripped clothing. It’s all just nuts.

The game was originally for PC – that first link is safe, but the rest may not be, as it was an ero game. The PS2 and PSP versions have the ero bits stripped down to ecchi. The PS2 version sells for 6,800 and is coming this fall. The PSP version comes around the same time and costs 4,800 yen. Check more screens and event CG, including one soldier removing another’s bikini top (the latter is a catgirl wearing the German cross) here. I usually don’t say the words “only in Japan,” but in this case, really…


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