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News: Tatsunoko Fight

by on May 24, 2008

tatsunokofight.jpgFor those who aren’t aware, there was a Tatsunoko-only 2D fighting game back in 2000 for the original PlayStation called Tatsunoko Fight. It was re-released with a “best” edition in 2003, and published by Takara. It doesn’t really hold up to today’s standards (or even the standards of 2000, honestly), but is an interesting novelty. Check the classic yet original intro here, ending here, and rather poor gameplay video here. More images and a “review” are available here. I also really like the look of the disc itself. I remember playing this back when it was released, and being extremely underwhelmed, but I wasn’t a Tatsunoko fan at the time, so was focused purely on the stiff gameplay. Plenty of folks seem to disagree though! I seem to recall this as being an early Dimps project, but I might be thinking of this. Anyone remember the developer?


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