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News: Classic SNK USA letter

by on May 23, 2008

Someone at the Pcenginefx forums recently posted a response to a letter they sent SNK back in 1991. It’s a scan of a letter written by Chad Okada (The Game Lord!) telling the young fan about bits versus bytes (and lying about it a little bit), and how Neo Geo is the real deal. Pretty fun read, and just goes to show you that SNK knew as little about what it was doing in America back then as it does now. If you haven’t seen it, give this awesome interview a look. It’s with Mark Rudolph, who is SNK USA’s director of marketing – but also thinks Fatal Fury Real Bout is called Re-Bout, even though the box is right next to him, and who describes KOF XII as having a “cel-shaded” 2D look. Lastly, he calls Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 the “ending of the Fatal Fury series” – which is debatable when you consider that Mark of the Wolves and Wild Ambition both came out after that. The man knows his products! To be fair to Chad Okada, his letter is much more interesting and much more passionate about the products than mister Rudolph is. That, and Chad was probably about 22 years old at the time. Thanks to SignOfZeta for the first link.


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