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News: TvC screens

by on May 22, 2008

Yes, we can all start calling Tatsunoko vs Capcom TvC now – why wait til later? I hereby declare this ok to do. Anyway, screens are here. Looks better than I thought. Note that they’re purposefully not showing life bars or charge bars, or any HUD information yet…must be some sort of system reveal involved there. Confirmed system elements include 2 on 2 tag battle, super jumps, and the four characters seen last time (Ryu, Chun Li, the main Gatchaman guy, and Cassan).

What remains to be seen is who’s developing it. With Dimps behind SF IV, I imagine another company would be making this one – I would love for it to be 8ing – seems entirely possible since Capcom worked with them on the new Fate Unlimited Codes game. Another possibility is Cavia, who did the PSP Fate games. It could also by Arc System Works, which just finished Sengoku X, and has some next-gen experience already. The final postulate is K2, which just finished Samurai Spirits Sen, and then got purchased by Capcom. That is perhaps the most likely, and is also the least-known quantity. We shall see. Add your thoughts in here!


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