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News: Tec Toy original games

by on May 20, 2008

James Costello on the SMS Power forums has done a nice post with screens and descriptions of several original Tec Toy games from the 120 Super Jogos Sega Master System clone. Most of the games are pretty lame, but it’s neat to see original stuff for an ancient system in this day and age. The neatest looking game is Zoo – check the poster’s description:

Just walk up and down with your barrow feeding your animals apples. You get 1 minute 30 seconds to keep your animals alive. Each has an energy bar that gradually ticks down but gets replenished with the giving of apples. You start off with just 4 animals to maintain but this increases by 1 after each level progression. Gets more tricky once you have over 6 animals. To be honest it


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