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News: Oh!FM-7 – Fujitsu computer museum

by on May 17, 2008

jesus.jpgOh!FM-7 is a site dedicated to the FM series of 8-bit computers from Fujitsu in the 80s, which came before the FM Towns Marty, which I’ve spoken about a few times. There’s loads to see here, like software lists cross-referenced with staff lists for each product, with screens and box cover, and all manner of data (as well as related software). There’s a hardware list, as well as a list of expansion pieces.

The software library is worth browsing through, just to see all the old bizarre titles, like Ashita no Joe, by CSK (at one time Sega’s parent company), or American Truck by the now-defunct Nihon Telenet. Ruin is an early title by Winkysoft, which is another fascinating small company, which has been working on the game Rayblade II for about the last 10 years. Wolf Team released two early games for the FM-7 series, as did Game Arts (the original Silpheed!), Enix (including the early H-game Lolita Syndrome), Square (including pre-Final Fantasy adventure RPGs like Will), Bandai (early Z Gundam action game), and of course Falcom, which naturally got some of the best graphics out of the hardware. And then there are dozens of companies I’ve never heard of. Give it a look!


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