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News: Wii clones hit Brazil

by on May 12, 2008

It has always been easy to find not-so-honest famiclones masquerading as other consoles around here — to this day the famed Polystation tricks customers at most small import stores. Now is reporting on a recent crop of Wii lookalikes:

the Wii Vision
Wii Vision is a black Wii copycat with wireless controls. Amazingly, it comes from local maker Dynacom, a more-or-less respected company which any Brazilian knows for their Dynavision famiclone – the guys have balls! Just like the Polystation, the Wii Vision has a NES slot that’ll surely disappoint the kids of gullible parents who buy this to play Wii games. Comes with (allegedly) 111 in-memory games, an extra cart with more 106 games, and a light gun.

The Multigame Multilaser
Now the Chinese Multigame Multilaser, by contrast, actually includes six infrared games with special-purpose controllers, including a soccer shoe! It’s supposed to be 16-bit, and a second cart adds 16 conventional games — no word if they’re original or if this is an SNES-compatible. If I can put my hands on one of those I’ll report more.

The price is around R$279 ($165) for Wii Vision and R$349 ($207) for Multigame; of course, much cheaper than the R$1000 the Wii is going for in the gray market. Thanks to Wendel for the tip.


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