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News: Tectoy Dreamcast update

by on May 11, 2008

tectoydreamcast.jpgFernando has translated the Tectoy blog response to the “what should we release?” poll, in which Dreamcast was the undisputed winner. The company said that a Dreamcast re-release is not currently possible, because the Dreamcast was licensed by Sega, and discontinued years ago. This is an odd thing to say, given that they have the rights to most Sega licenses… But they said they want to re-release it, and hope that a solid showing from fans will help in that regard.

Next, they say they will have some good news for game fans in a short while (I still guess Game Gear). Here’s Fernando’s take on the Tectoy backpedaling, which I largely agree with: “What I think is that they can’t afford it right now. Both Tectoy Master System and Mega Drive are a bit expensive for vintage machines, and a Tectoy Dreamcast would come at about the price of a PS2 in the Brazilian “gray market”, which everyone is used to dealing with.” So, no Tectoy Dreamcast just yet – but perhaps in a year or so as technology gets cheaper? Thanks to portalsonic for the image (beware of music if you click).


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