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News: Nineball Seraph model kit

by on May 11, 2008

ac_nineball_seraph1.jpgAs part of their Variable Infinity model kit series Kotobukiya are releasing the infamous Nineball Seraph from Armored Core Master of Arena and Armored Core 2 Another Age. The kit itself looks remarkably faithful to the original Shoji Kawamori designs, so much so in fact you can also transform it as per the game. This is an interesting development in that Seraph is a bespoke design, so you can’t use its parts to customize other AC models (something the previous models were able to do). So we may start seeing other iconic bosses from the series as a consequence (though the giant MT’s maybe pushing it somewhat, especially at 1/72 scale). It’s also quite a big kit, over 20 cm tall, and a bit more expensive than the other models in the series as well. It’s scheduled to be released in July.


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