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News: Tectoy Dreamcast possible

by on May 8, 2008

tectoy.jpgTectoy (they used to be Tec Toy officially), which is the Brazilian Sega-affiliated company we like to cover, has a new poll on the main site asking which console consumers would like to see Tectoy re-release. The choices are Game Gear, Dreamcast, and Pense Bem (think well) – a children’s computer from the 80s. Anyone can vote. The stats right now are:
Game Gear (5.3%)

Dreamcast (91.0%)

Pense Bem (3.7%)

Dreamcast is a clear favorite here, and people are already speculating about what a Tectoy Dreamcast would be like. Tectoy’s usual MO is to take a console like the Master System or Genesis and shrink it down, put a bunch of games on flash ram, and sell it as a stand-alone unit. However, when they re-released the Saturn and Dreamcast before, they just put them out straight (unfortunately those pages are down, but I talked about them here). So this re-release could really be a re-envisioning of the console – or it could be a re-release. My money would actually go toward a slimmer Game Gear, especially if I were the guy choosing the games to go on it! The Tectoy blog only has a cryptic statementWhat should we release? Hmmmmm.” So, a Dreamcast re-release of some kind seems likely, if they’re going by the stats. It may not be soon, but it may be interesting!

Also keep in mind that Tectoy and AtGames have a relationship as well. What Tectoy is to Brazil, AtGames is to China, meaning the company has the rights to release OEM hardware with games based on any Sega console in the region. What’s more, the portable Genesis from AtGames that went on sale a few months back is actually Tectoy’s portable Genesis. The form factor and games are exactly the same. So, if Tectoy releases an OEM Dreamcast, we may see it with an English manual before long. Keep your eyes peeled! Thanks to Fernando M. for pointing this out.


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