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Memes: Airman ga Tanoseai, Eroge ga Owaranai, NicoNicoDouga, Caramelldansen

by on May 7, 2008

Just to make sure you’re kept up on internet game/music memes, note the Airman ga Taosenai (can’t beat Airman) phenomenon from a few months ago. There are lots of videos on the subject as you can see. It’s game reference-tastic, and it’s worth watching a few of them. There’s even a version for Osu! which I mentioned yesterday.

That song evolved once again into this one – Eroge ga Owaranai (I can’t beat H-games), which is pretty funny if you understand Japanese. And hey, looks like there’s an English subbed version!

While you’re at it, there’s the Caramelldansen stuff, which like the Iievan Polkka evolved from someone randomly using a random song they found with a few frames of animation from a series, and then grew to incorporate different things.

Then there’s the ridiculously huge NicoNicoDouga. There are a lot of versions, and the one I pasted is a compilation/mix of several. Poke around in ‘related’ to find the rest. Or look here. No child left behind, these memes won’t evolve themselves!


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