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News: Million Knights Vermillion

by on May 4, 2008

Million Knights Vermillion is a new doujin fighting game from NRF, the team that created Bigbang Beat: 1st Impression, which I’m still surprised hasn’t been ported to the arcade yet. The new game has high res-like characters, which the Professor at the MMCafe boards likens to GGX, which seems about right. He also postulates that this hasn’t been done with a doujin fighter previously, which I think may be correct. Shouji Sogabe of Senko no Ronde fame has done the character illustrations, and if you check the download tab you can check out an 80 meg video with more illustrations, and some sample fighting, which I’m too inept to grab a screen from just now. Tokyo Kids is doing the animation too, who apparently did some animation for Gurren Lagann. The music is by Mint Jam, which does lots of rock videogame covers. Are doujin games getting to the level where the creators are paying their workers/illustrators? The presence of Shouji Sogabe and Tokyo Kids might indicate so. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this! And if anyone wants to grab a screen of the in-game stuff from the video and send it to me, that’d be very nice. Thanks again to the Professor for the news.

Update: Zepy has a very plausible theory for why BBB hasn’t reached arcades, in spite of being semi-announced some time ago, and in spite of being somewhat more popular with fans than Monster and Blitzkampf. And here it is: “I have a feeling the NRF programmer ARESU wanted to dump the BBB project because it wasn’t selling well enough (like how he did with Fate/Sword Dance), which caused a split in the team as team members left and created the new doujin group AJA.

So BBB is thrown to AJA and AJA becomes responsible for all future support of the game. But since they don’t have the programmer ARESU on their team, and ARESU doesn’t want to share the game source code, there isn’t much they can actually do with the game. Hence we’ll never see an arcade port of BBB.


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