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News: Last Survivor: Sega invented the modern FPS

by on May 4, 2008

Well sort of. I was speaking with my coworker Christian a bit ago about this old arcade game that CSK (Sega’s old parent company) ported to the FM Towns Marty, which was essentially the original FPS – a behind-the-back shooting game in a 3D maze in which the player character was ‘see-through,’ making the game first-person through an avatar. He hadn’t heard of it, so we went on an exploratory journey through the internet. That game is Last Survivor, made in 1988. For reference, Wolfenstein 3D was created in 1992. (Nevermind about Maze War or AD&D for the 2600. That’s why I said modern!) See flyers here, and two screens here. And here is a review of the game from back in the day. Pretty interesting stuff, to the point where it even uses dynamic 3D mazes, and it plays very much like a rudimentary arena FPS. Shame I don’t have any video!

Update: Frank pointed me to MIDI Maze, which came out one year earlier, and actually sort of does the same thing. Boo Frank!


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