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News: Doujin Excel games

by on April 30, 2008

DEX-EV.jpgRecently people got very excited about a feature on Gamasutra about using Microsoft Excel as a 3D engine. But few seem to recall that it’s been used as a game engine for some time already. From the first time someone discovered that there was a playable Microsoft Flight Sim in Excel, the program has been dissected. Witness a post I made back in October 29, 2003. There were some pretty good fan-made Excel games back then. There are even two books on the subject. But fast-forward to now, and see what you get. The fellow who ran the original site (Chikada) is still going at it. His page is difficult to navigate at first, but there is some ridiculously impressive stuff on there. That game to the left, DEX-EV, is running in Excel.

On the site there’s a bar at the top, where there’s an orange rectangle – the tabs there are for genres of games. I’ll link them here: shooting, puzzle, typing, golf and tennis, arcade (lots of puzzle games in there too, like Puyo Puyo 2 for example), block breaking, and finally race/other which also includes fighting games. Worth browsing through these, as they’re all free, and many of them are quite interesting.


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