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News: Monster – Ancient Cline to arcade

by on March 14, 2008

Here’s another older piece of news that might’ve gone unnoticed. Monster – Ancient Cline, the very accomplished PC doujin game from 8105 Graphics, is getting port to arcades with the help of Examu, of Arcana Heart fame. There’s a video and an example of the sprite update at gigazine, but the video doesn’t show you gameplay. It’s actually quite fun – I played it in arcades in Tokyo, though at the time it was just a PC in a cabinet, not on a proper board. You can see a video of the PC version here, and some of the decentish music here. It’s pre-rendered CG sprites, but they look pretty good. You’ve got to get over the whole furry aspect though. Examu really is digging down into each particular fetish with these fighting games now… It’s quite amazing how many doujin games are coming to arcades, with this, Subtle Style’s Akatsuki Blitzkampf (some location test vids went up here), Studio Siesta’s Trouble Witches, which we just mentioned, and of course, Melty Blood: AC. My guess would be Big Bang Beat might be next?


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