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Rumor: Shantae sequel

by on March 12, 2008

Spencer Yip mentioned he thinks a new Shantae game is coming to WiiWare, which is entirely possible. Another rumor has (re)surfaced recently, as pointed out to me by a fellow named Chris. Shantae was canceled for the GBA, but WayForward has always been interested in continuing the series. Right now on the company homepage there’s a poll asking whether people would like a Shantae sequel. There’s also a fan club you can sign up to, which essentially adds you as an interested party for the potential game so they can drum up publisher support. It also asks what console you’d like to see it on, and whether you’d buy it on Virtual Console if it supported GBC (do they know something we don’t?).

Anyway, the other thing Chris points out is that on Henk Neiborg’s personal site (we’ve covered him before) has a 2D Shantae mockup on it, which is also to the left. He did work on Contra 4, so there’s that. Not to put a damper on things, but when I spoke with Matt Bozon of WayForward some years ago, he said they make a Shantae demo for basically every platform they plan to work on, in order to figure out the nuts and bolts. So there’s nothing to definitely point to a Shantae sequel just yet – it’s just fun to think about. And if you register, maybe you can influence the tide.


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