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News: Tower of Druaga MMO, and the only video you'll need to see

by on March 12, 2008

Namco has decided it’s a good idea to release a Tower of Druaga MMO, and more power to them, I guess. Q is helping with it in some capacity, as they did with Angel Love. The Druaga game is in open beta in Japan now, and appears to be your standard fantasy MMO, without all the things that make Druaga Druaga – forced step-speed, unusual and deliberate attacking, and that sort of thing. You can see a trailer here, a play video here.

If you’re like me and are simply tired of all this crap, this is the only video you need to see, and I do recommend it. It’s a sped-up bunch of clips from the game, with a sped-up song to go with it. It just makes the whole thing look so futile. There’s a bit in the middle where the character is just posing and dancing, and some spiders are walking by. To me, that’s an MMO. Avatars standing around swinging things with big spiders walking by. Do watch the video though. And if you happen to, tell me if you can figure out what the song is, because I certainly can’t!


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