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News: Tori no Hoshi out now

by on March 12, 2008

torinohoshiscreen.jpgTori no Hoshi has been out on PS2 in Japan for a couple of weeks, and as the person voted most likely to keep talking about that game, I figured I’d give a bit of a descriptor. You control a character in a hang glider, investigating this bird planet. You analyze and figure out different flocks of birds, learn their calls and cries, and then you can interact with them, and eventually defend yourself from larger birds, and things like that. It seems quite peaceful. There’s a video of the early stages of gameplay here. This promo video has some gameplay stuff toward the end as well. You eventually get the birds to flock with you. It’s probably not going to come to the U.S. but has a thread about the game in which they translate the opening menus, the most important of which I have mirrored. I don’t really know what else developer NK System has made, but this game looks somewhat solid, and has nice sound design at least.


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