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Play-Asia: Summon Night Twin Age

by on March 4, 2008

snta.jpgPlay-Asia has Summon Night Twin Age for $20 right now…we previously covered it here. I haven’t played it, but as a big Flight-Plan fan, I’d guess it’s worth $20 for a stylus-controlled action RPG by those guys. And if I’m wrong, sorry! Don’t forget that on the official site if you click any of the main tabs, you’re able to play a minigame with the two main characters, defeating monsters and collecting items as you travel through the site. Pretty nifty. You click on the monsters to attack them, and on the left you can switch between the male and female characters, and use their special attacks. If you collect all the items by defeating monsters, you get some extra wallpapers. Keep in mind that though Play-Asia is calling it Twin Edge and not Twin Age, it’s still the same game, they just romanized it wrong. They’ve also got the Japanese PSP Namco Museum for $7 if that’s your thing! Thanks to NeoGutsman for pointing it out.


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