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News: Zero4 Champ series returns

by on March 4, 2008

The Zero4 Champ street/drag racing series has been around for a while, starting out on the PC Engine, created by Media Rings, and then returning to Hudson Soft territory later in its lifetime (the PS2 game Drift Champ was published by Hudson and developed by Tamsoft). The series has been gone for a while, but has made a Simple Series return to the DS, this time called Age Age The Zero4 Midnight. It came out a few months ago, but I just noticed it myself. The game is again developed by Tamsoft. If you’re curious, you can get it for $19 at Play-Asia. It really is a drag racing game – there’s a fan-made flash version of the game here, and once you get a race started, you basically just click the left mouse button to shift gears at the optimal time. In the real games, you can upgrade your car, and there are RPG and interaction elements as well.


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