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News: Housewife Superstar update

by on March 4, 2008

housewifesuperstar.jpgI met with Studio Nocturne at GDC, and Housewife Superstar has a playable demo now. It was pre-alpha, but Frank and I played it a bit, and it’s coming along well so far. The demo has you picking locations ala sim games, and then interacting with the people in those locations; going to school, competing, etc. The playable minigame in this one was mochi making. You pound, shape, and moisten the mochi, and it will eventually be set to music like a rhythm game, but that’s not in there yet. They’ll also have the mochi pounding chants, like these guys but less insane. For full disclosure, while at the show I also sealed with a handshake the fact that I’ll be writing the game’s story and text, so I’m kind of pimping my ride here, but what can you do? I didn’t write the text in this early build (I wish that ‘Congratulation!’ shot was intentional), but feel free to grab some screens here to do with what you will. I was surprised to see that Studio Nocturne’s official site has been updating regularly too, and you can see plenty more Housewife Superstar stuff here, including screens of the sewing and fan dance games. Am I wrong to be excited about this? I would be even if I weren’t eventually writing it!


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