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Rant: We already knew KOF XII was 2D

by on March 3, 2008

Out of character for ic’s news page, but I want to just make some commentary here. Some people on the internet are getting riled up right now that KOF XII is 2D, and not cel-shaded 3D. over 17,000 people read that article. My question is this: why? Nobody who knew what they were talking about ever said it was cel-shaded 3D. The just-released trailer said it was high-res 2D. We said it was high-res 2D. Why is anyone surprised? SNK even stated it before the trailer was released. They said it in 2006. They’ve been saying it the whole time. Why, why, why is anyone surprised? It’s driving me nuts. Apologies to Brian Ashcraft, who I like. But you’re making me crazy, son!

Update: Brian and I had a long discussion about this, and his point was that the exclusive he got was about the process SNK was using. It’s true that this was unknown information (though I did mention to him that drawing over rendered 3D models is a pretty common process for 2D art now). I still maintain that the phrasing indicates that the exclusive is the fact that it’s 2D, but he reminded me that he knew it was 2D for ages because he’s visited the offices a few times. So perhaps that was a mistake. And I was indeed annoyed by the commentors’ reactions more than the post – the fact that people didn’t know it was 2D already, when nothing really indicated it was ever 3D. So the question is, whose responsibility was that? Is it on the readers to not jump to conclusions, or the writer to spell everything out explicitly? I think probably both. Ashcraft and I can agree that SNK’s process is what’s actually exclusive about the story – but we will still disagree about the presentation. This update only serves to present both sides of the story.

Update 2: Two animators have mailed me to say that as far as they know, the technique SNK is using isn’t at all common. Wildcat is doing it, but he’s crazy, so maybe it’s not widespread yet.


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