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Update: Armored Core For Answer

by on March 2, 2008

acfa_360_cover1.jpgIn a little over two weeks Armored Core For Answer will be released in Japan on both PS3 and 360. The publicity campaign for the game has been pretty thorough, as From Software utilized the whole Web 2.0 approach by having Japanese bloggers espouse the game’s virtues (something Famitsu has been doing through their crazy 360 blogger, Jamzy). Even the redoubtable Toshifumi Nabeshima, essentially regarded as the father of Armored Core by the Japanese fanbase, has done the rounds online, pimping the game as best he can.

Features-wise, it’s all a bit over the top still as For Answer comes across as being like Shadow of the Colossus but with guns and robots (traveling at 2000 km/h, obviously). A few things have fallen by the wayside though, namely the transformable ACs – but other things like Dolby 5.1 in-game and full online co-op have partly made up for that (though there’s always the possibility that Famitsu initially misquoted the whole transformation aspect, as a lot of the Arms Forts do transform into different modes rather than the ACs themselves).

One of the more interesting aspects of the game’s production is the use of Isaku Okabe as a military adviser (he recently did something similar for the truly excellent Gundam 00). Again, From Software didn’t miss a trick and they put him in front of a camera to explain the nitty gritty military aspects of the game.

For those that want to catch up with the deluge of material that has been unleashed online, then the official site is a good port of call, as is the Armored Core Wiki (the Next Reports are especially worth a gander). GameTrailers has also leeched the movies from the official site if you have trouble streaming them. All we need to do now is wait for the Western release and the subsequent reviews undertaken by gamers that have had their hands replaced with flippers.


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