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News: Super A'can

by on February 26, 2008

Taiwan is better known for game piracy than game consoles, by and large, but an original legit console was released there in 1995 – Funtech’s Super A’can. One of two main sources for information on this console is Wikipedia which has some interesting information, which is also impossible to prove. It is known that the system runs on the legendary Motorola 68000 chip, and has 12 confirmed games, with several more rumored to exist. The article also reports that the company lost U.S. $6 million on the venture, which is the cost of only 3/5 the cost of a modern game’s development, so they shouldn’t be crying! Control pads were Genesis-like in appearance, but not compatible with any Sega system.

The other main source is here, through the site of an eBay reseller. There’s also a page with game boxes and screens. All references to this console say it’s “nothing special,” but it looks pretty neat to me in the visual department at least. There’s actually one for sale on Singapore’s eBay, for about U.S. $190, and two games as well. My stupid brain is tempted.

I can’t find any evidence of Funtech anymore (possibly Fun Tech), so please share information if you’ve got it. points to a different company, so that’s a bust.

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