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News: Remembering the XaviXPORT

by on February 26, 2008

You might’ve heard about the XaviXPORT a while back…or maybe not. I thought I posted about it some years ago, but I can’t find evidence of it now. The XaviXPORT an entertainment and fitness console which uses motion sensing to allow you to box, play tennis, baseball, bowl, golf, fish, and even do aerobics exercises with a mat on the floor – and it was all released in 2004. There’s also a psuedo-predecessor to Wii Fit. Trouble is they sold all of these games separately, each with a different peripheral, and they don’t have the clout or polish Nintendo does…but there sure are a lot of parallels. The then-titled Revolution was already announced at the time, but it wasn’t yet known that it was motion control-based. Reading a review of the XaviXPORT on G4’s site is humorous not just because of the poor and pandering language, but also the fact that with a few changed words, this could be a newspaper-savvy level (that is to say low) review of a Wii:

The Xavix gaming system is a neat idea and great for a party. The graphics are nothing to call home about, but the simple system provides hours of great group fun

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